USA Coffee Roasting Industry - GL Software and Costing Options

Jul 11, 2023
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United States
Hi All,

We are in the market for a solution that can address the following:

A) Does anyone have experience in working with a small ERP system for a manufacturing shop (company with revenue of $10-30 million) which meets the below criteria:

1) Is Robust and user-friendly inventory management system with the below ability:

a. Scheduling using BOM to schedule jobs for production and at the same time calculate the COGS using the BOM.

b. Ability to use and trace multiple lot numbers in production from the beginning of production to the finished goods.

c. Ability to calculate and post COGS entries to Accounting automatically based on shipment.

2) Reporting capability to build reports based on inventory, sales and COGS data in the system and ability to customize reporting.

B) Does anyone have experience with inventory systems such as Fishbowl or Katana which are integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise Manufacturing Edition?

If so, are able to provide details on your experience in working with any of the above systems and able to provide some references or pros and cons?

We are currently in the market for a complete full solution and would appreciate any and all feedback.

Thanks to everyone!

ABB - Accounting Team

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