USA URGENT - LLC Taxes 2018 – Office Snacks (Bottled Water, Coffee, etc)

Apr 3, 2019
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United States
Please help me. How would I categorize for 2018 taxes the office snacks for employees (bottled water, coffee, etc)? I see some mention of it being “De Minimis fringe meals” but that I’ve been told is for food and beverage expenses that are excludable from the gross income of the recipient. This sounds crazy to me. I’m not going to exclude the costs of bottled water (can’t drink from tap as the water in this town would be dangerous to drink), coffee and the occasional granola bars from the gross income of our employees. Am I reading that wrong?

Or would bottled water and coffee, etc, be categorized as “Office Supplies”? But then again I thought “Office Supplies” category for bottled water and coffee, etc, is only for refreshments for CLIENTS. If anyone knows, I’d highly appreciate some advice on this.

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