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Aug 16, 2023
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United Kingdom
I run an independent ecommerce website which allows me to sell furniture. An insurer connected with me last month, stating that it can provide transport insurance to my customers, which would have a strong benefit to my order increasing and customers satisfaction. I only need to add a button on my website, which provides a choice to customers to buy insurance or leave it. The insurance fee is trivial, compared to the amount of products themselves, like £0.99 to several pounds. If a customer decide to buy it, he/she will pay a total amount of products and insurance through my website to me, I will pass the insurance fee to the insurer and the insurer will issue an invoice to me and send an insurance policy to the customer. If the customer needs to make a claim in the future, he/she will ask the insurer directly.

How should I issue a compliant invoice to my customers if they buy insurance?
Let's assume Jack bought a product costing £120 and the insurance fee was £1. Can I issue an invoice like the screenshot below? I worry I have no qualification to sell insurance and actually it's the insurer that sells insurance to customers. I just collected insurance onbehalf of the insurer and would pay it the insurance totally. I didn't get any rebate in that transaction.

The other query is that if the invoice above is compliant, should I include it in my sales when I file a VAT return, I mean box 6?

Does anyone think it's more normal if the insurer directly issue invoices to customers and in this way I won't include it in my invoices to customers,not to mention the sales in VAT return? Please could you guys tell me what you think and thank you very much.
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