UK Combing Sports Industry Experience with ACA Qualification

Mar 5, 2024
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United Kingdom
Hello friends,

I'm looking for advice on how to combine commercial sport experience with the ACA qualification.

I recently returned from 4 months of travelling, having previously passed the ACA certificate accounting and assurance exams as a self study student. Prior to travelling I spent several years working in a series of analytical and strategic roles across the sports industry.

Long term I would like to combine my commercial experience gained from my previous sport roles, with the financial acumen from the ACA qualification, within sports capital and investment advisory (just a theory at this stage, don't want to pin my flag too hard to the mast)

First priority is passing the ACA exams but I'm not sure what the best environment would be to do this given my longer term goals?
- Would a big 4 firm offer the best conditions for training?
- Would a smaller firm provide more exposure (harder to get lost in the crowd)?
- Or in industry within beginner level FP&A-type roles?
- And what other career paths have ACA holders undertaken within the sports industry? interested to learn more!

Apologies if the questions seem vague, some of this is a bit new to me so it will sound a bit incoherent I'm sure... but help appreciated!

Thank you!

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