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Jan 11, 2018
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United States

I am looking for some information on the starting of a c-corp and the methods of stock purchase. I am wanting to start a c-corp in which the amount of the stock (85% or more of the common stock) is not purchased via cash, but with an "investment asset with an unknown future value or maturity"

if the assets value is matures high, the tax advantage at maturity is clearly winning if cashed inside of the c-corp (21% rate).

What is the accounting and corporate filing required to make this happen?
What is the value of any tax consequences (personally) should the value at maturity be high? (I have read where lottery winnings placed in a corporation have a tax liability for the effective value of the ticket - but that is after the fact and i have no idea when and for how much this will mature)?
Can i buy the stock for cash (10,000,000 shares at .0001) and then place the asset in the custody of the c-corp? Is that the only way this can be done? are there tax consequences for placing the unknown value asset into the custody of the corporation instead of exchanging for stock.

This is a little vague, i know, but i want to try to get some ducks in a row before i file in South Dakota this next week. looking for directionally correct understanding for sure, but details would help.


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