UK CT600 submission for period longer than 12 months problem...

Jun 17, 2014
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Hi, hope you are well and hope you can help me :)...

1. I've filled my tax return "25 Apr 2012 - 24 Apr 2013" until the "30 Apr 2013". Was it a mistake?

2. What should I do for this return: "25 Apr 2013 - 30 Apr 2013"? The CT600 online form doesn't let me submit this period because I've already submitted the previous period until the "30 Apr 2013".

3. Just to go over my current periods are:
25 Apr 2012 - 24 Apr 2013 (delivered as: 25 Apr 2012 - 30 Apr 2013)
25 Apr 2013 - 30 Apr 2013 (CT600 online form doesn't let me submit this period)
01 May 2013 - 30 Apr 2014 (there is no problem)
01 May 2014 - 30 Apr 2015 (there is no problem)

Thank you in advance...

Cheers ;)...
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Aug 27, 2013
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Hi! I stumbled across your entry by coincidence and was just wondering what program you're using, or whether you're using the Revenue's website.

I would have thought that they'd either automatically split the long period or alternatively come up with an error message. Commercial software usually splits long periods automatically (into two tax returns, although you usually only get one tax computation), maybe that's why you can't submit a separate return for the one week that's left - in which case there wouldn't be a problem.

Or has the problem been solved by now?


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