USA Disabled and inherited IRAs holding stocks

Mar 31, 2019
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United States
I am a disabled adult and I have inherited 1/3 equally with my two siblings, my parents' 401K plans, which hold stocks(at Morgan Stanley). I don't currently receive any benefits subject to an asstet minimum, but due to my medical condition, I need to keep that in mind(I am aware of the five year lookback for Medicaid).
My initial question relates to moving the money in these IRAs to some other kind of account.
1. will my being disabled "waive" the early withdrawal penalty?
2. I do have an able account at Fidelity; MS does not do ABLE accounts. Is there any significant reason to have all this money at one of the two?
3. Biggest question: is a special needs trust my only option?
4. Since the inheritance is significantly less than $250K, how can I find a professional trustee, and about what does that cost?

I do have a friend I want to appoint trustee, but I also want to name him as my beneficiary, which I understand doing both is not allowed. I can't think of any family to ask to be trustee.

6. How do I develop a strategy for managing my money to invest it? There is also a possibility of an insurance settlement at some point. Since that money is not in hand, does that factor into what I do with the money I have received already? How do I include that in a financial plan/

I have spoken to many local CPAs and none of them seem to know anything about my situation.

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