Fidelity fund reorgs/mergers in MS Money 2007

Apr 8, 2010
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Hello all-

I am a new members to the forums and my first post!

I used to own Fidelity Spartan (FSMKX) which changed to FSMAX (apparently the same but lower expense ratio) in August 2008. The brokerage account showed a reduction in FSMKX for X shares and a nearly identical increase in FSMAX.

Then, in January 2010, FSMAX had a merger with a different Fidelity Fun (FUSVX) and exchanged Y shares for approximately double the # of shares in FUSVX.

So the question is - what is the most elegant way to record these transactions in MS Money (I am using 2007). Here are the options I have thought of:

*Simply selling the predecessor and buying the successor will result in a cap gain/loss in the tax reports.

*Selling the predecessor at the overall cost basis and buying the successor at that same basis will preserve AGGREGATE basis, but will still make FIFO cap gain/loss calcs tricky. Also buying the successor at the cost basis will show a large gain at the purchase date as the market value is greater than the cost basis

*Add/remove shares - not sure how this function works

*Splits/merger features in MS Money seem to be reserved for stocks not mutual funds.

I have seen some threads on similar topics, but not quite this one, so forgive me if there was some duplication. I appreciate all thoughts and feedback.

Thank you.


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