USA Form 8824 - Like-Kind Exchanges

Nov 17, 2022
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United States
My apologies if this is a dumb question i don't do a lot of these 1031 exchanges:
A taxpayer did a proper 1031 exchange with a qualified intermediary and all the correct dates as follows:
Sold a 50% interest in a rental property for 100,000 fair market value (FMV)
The adjusted basis is about 70000 which I am using for line 17.
She received no cash from the sale so line 15 is 0.
She then acquired a 50% interest in a like-kind rental property for 250000.
She got a mortgage for the 180000 difference.
Form 8824 line 16 is asking for the FMV of the property she acquired, so do I put down the 250000 ?
Or just the 70000 that she used towards the purchase?
Thank you


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