Apr 26, 2020
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Hi, I just thought I'd jump on here and introduce myself. I found this site after searching for accounting and bookkeeping forums. With the uncertainty of what's going on right now, I decided to brush up my resume. I have been looking at learning QuickBooks, because many of the jobs I'm looking at require QuickBooks experience, but to get the experience, you usually need to have the job, so its a round and round circle. I have some tax experience, I worked for a national tax company for 5 years, but I've never worked with QuickBooks. Can anyone recommend the best way to get started with that? I have found quite a few courses online, ranging from $20 to $2000, and I am just not sure what the best route to take is.


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Jul 18, 2016
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Hello. I just realized no one actually responded to you here. There are a few options. If it is specifically quickbooks you are looking to learn, there are a few options.

One, is taking a course as you suggested, this will probably give you a good return, but can be pricey.

Two, get your own Quickbooks account. This might seem odd, but a quickbooks online account can cost very little. Then, with some self driven guidance, you can learn how to use the software. There are help options in the system, plus many online sources that can help. Through this, you can learn invoicing, payables, sales tax, inventory. Many of the basis can be learned in this way inexpensively.

I learned on the job, so this advise might be limiting, but it is really a matter of your own budget.

I hope this helps.

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