Hong Kong entity doing business with UK - What's the rule on VAT Tax

Jul 5, 2019
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Hong Kong
Hello everyone!

We are a Hong Kong based & registered company. We provide furnishing services to Asia based investors, investing in real estate in England. As such, we buy our goods from a UK based supplier, who will then take care of installing this furniture in these properties that are all based in England. The purchasing and installing services provided to me are all taxed at the 20% VAT rate. My question is since I’m a Hong Kong registered company (where there’s no VAT, which I believe is not really relevant, but might be wrong), do I still have to pay the VAT because the good are bought and serviced in England? Or can the supplier quoted me Zero VAT and claim it back? Do we have to register for UK VAT, and what will the benefit be for us if we do so? My other questions is that I pay referral fees to real estate agents who introduce me clients. This is purely a service, there are no goods involved. Can my referral fee be Excluding VAT? Glad to answer any questions you may have. Thank you very much in advance for you help!

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