UK I made mistakes while registering UK company as a non resident

Aug 29, 2023
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Hello, I'm from Bulgaria and I have very little experience with all of that. I needed company in order to get a wallester account that I can use to manage my ad spend across different advertising networks such a as Google ads. I'm a affiliate marketer. I registered UK company using website called "your company formations co uk" I used invalid adress for the registered office address because I didn't realize what this address is for. The company was registered but after 2 days I realized by doing that I'm breaking laws and so I bought virtual office address offered by the same website and changed it. Now all my address are valid and can recieve mails, but the whole process took 6 days also I didn't use the company for anything. My question is can I get into trouble for doing that? Also I've read I need to inform HMRC for change of my address. How do I do that as non resident? Making this company was a mistake and I need to close it, how do I do that? I'm so stressed and worried about getting into trouble I need to fix this mistake. Do I need to inform HMRC for change of address first?

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