Need help in sorting out wrong inventory good receiving

Feb 4, 2021
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Brunei Darussalam
Hi All, I need help in finding a solution about a mistake in entering inventory item using old purchase order instead of the supersede purchase order.

My colleague received an items using old purchase order, and its comply with our company 3 way matching policy. Good Receiving was done using the old purchase order. Suddenly after 1 years our finance section realize that there's a supersede purchase order for this items and it still hanging in our systems. Enquiry were made, we explained that we were never informed about a supersede PO for this items. After investigation our procurement side only email us the supersede PO after 3 months we received the items. To cut short story our procurement side can't closed the supersede PO in the system as our supplier invoice the items using the supersede PO. Our finance section is having a difficult time to finding out how to solve this problems, and our side can't opened another purchase request order for this items until this PO is closed in our systems.

My sincere apologies for the weak english, but if anyone can provide a solution I really appreciated it.

Thank You.

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