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Jan 1, 2016
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Hi all. I am aggressively looking for a career change and accounting is where I am setting my sights. I reside in Annapolis, MD, am a 4-year honorable veteran (USCG) as well as having B.S. Finance from Cal Poly Pomona. I currently work as a yacht and charter captain and to be honest I can't see doing this forever.

What is recommended in the meantime, while searching for a job, in an effort to get up to par at the entry level? I understand Excel proficiency is always a plus but are there any type of highly recommended tutorials, books, etc. that would be geared toward real world application I could purchase?

Thanks so much.


Aug 13, 2013
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You can take a course in some type of accounting software like Quick Books or Peachtree since accounting is largely computerized and most companies use accounting software to record transactions. If you don't have a grasp on basic accounting, try Accounting for Beginners by Kokab Rahman available in ebook and paperback. It has an easy to learn format. Other than that, you might want to take a short bookkeeping course at a community college or work as an assistant accountant / bookkeeper to get practical experience.

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