UK Non-dividend paying shares

Jan 7, 2022
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United Kingdom

A business partner and I own 50% share each of a UK private Ltd company. I am also a full-time PAYE employee for another company, where I pay the higher rate of income tax (40%).

My question is about taking money out of my co-owned private limited company.

I would like to take money through pension contributions 'via' the limited company (this makes sense because ‘income’ from dividends would otherwise be subject to corporation tax and then a higher rate of income tax). However, my partner (who is a 20% taxpayer) prefers to receive income via dividends.

Is it permissible to create a new class of share to allow this arrangement, in which we would both continue to be 50/50 owners, but my shares would be non-dividend paying?

So, for example, if 40K were to be taken out of the company and split equally between us, my 20K would be in the form of pension contributions and my partner’s share would be in the form of dividends.

Thank you very much in advance for any analysis :)


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