USA Nonresident refund for DC (D-40B) when domiciled in foreign country

Apr 8, 2019
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I am a non-US citizen who lived in DC for 3 months working on a temporary work visa. My permanent residence is in a foreign country and I was in DC for less than 183 days. Therefore I believe I would not be considered a DC resident for tax purposes and should be able to file a D-40B form to get a refund of my DC income taxes that were withheld.

However, the D-40B form requires that I list the "2 letter state abbreviation for your domiciliary or legal state of residence". How can I fill the form out if I was not domiciled in any US state but rather in a foreign country? Or as a non-citizen do I have to pay state income taxes in one of the states even though I do not meet the requirements for residency in any of them?

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