USA Payroll Deductions for Services Provided

Jul 24, 2019
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United States
I am performing accounting services for a trucking organization, and I am trying to determine what type of account a deduction from a driver's payroll would be for using the company's dispatch services.

This is not a pass-through expense like a health insurance deduction would be (where we in turn pay the health insurance bill with the deducted funds), it is a service we provide to our drivers. The drivers are not obligated to use the service, it is an added service we offer to provide more loads to the drivers.

My first inclination was to make it an INCOME account named 'Dispatch Service Deductions' since it is a charge we are taking for a service, would that be correct? We also charge our drivers for using our GPS and payroll direct deposit services and do not have to pay those as expenses, would those all be treated the same way?

I am a first-time poster, thank you for your time!


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