UK pub book keeping sales journal, opening cash in transit, cash expenses

Sep 18, 2018
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United Kingdom
Hello I am in the process of completing an assessment for a book keeping vacancy. I have bank statements, invoices, wages summary also a
daily sales summary divided into drink, food, tips on cc, Total credit card, cash, voucher, discount, Total banked

My queries I am using quickbooks premier 2018 software

How do I deal with the opening bankings which were cash in transit from previous period, I have no opening balance on undeposited funds? When reconciling do I just show as a discrepancy?

I have a bank account, and cash control account. Do I make cash payments from the cash control account? I originally used an undeposited fund account but opened a new cash account into which I pay all the takings, paying over deposits to the bank account as shown from the bank statements - should I use this account for cash payments or thirdly would you set up a petty cash account to pay the cash expenses.

Also I need to complete a sales journal.
They have given me a summary as follows :- Dr. Debtors CC x
Dr Cash
DR debtors chq
Cr, Sales - drink
Cr Sales - food
Cr Tips on CC
Cr Vat
Dr discounts

What would be the entries for a sales journal. I have recently passed my final book keeping certificate and this assessment has been much harder, even though I have completed a Quickbooks training course. Any advice would be appreciated.


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