QuickBooks Online Vs QuickBooks Desktop




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Aug 2, 2017
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QBO is like New Coke. In other words a horrible execution. I have started to recommend Freshbooks. Too many problems and complaints from clients using Quickbooks whether desktop or on line.

Freshbooks does have an issue with CPAs gaining access to client files, but every client thus far has found it easy to use. Also Freshbooks sells you what you need not everything like QuickBooks.

Desktop used to be easy to use. But Intuit made it complex when reaching to other markets and trying to squeeze every penny out of them.

QBO has no relationship to desktop. If you have been using desktop for decades, you will be completely lost in QBO. But just about anyone is completely lost in QBO. Its platform is not intuitive which is ironic considering Intuit is the parent company and their name is the root word of intuitive.

There is no longer the day a lay person with no or little accounting knowledge can use QuickBooks whether desktop or on line. One needs to understand the basics of accounting and be a solid bookkeeper to use this software today.

The reports I get from Freshbooks are often clean and useful even from clients that have no bookkeeping experience. The reports I get from QuickBooks often are complete garbage or have at least a few problems even from seasoned bookkeeper.

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