USA RMD from 403(b) received into joint account after decedent's death

Oct 16, 2019
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United States

I have a confusing situation related to my mom's passing and would love your help.

My mom passed away in January 2019. She and my sister had a joint JTWROS checking account. That account, which became my sister's account upon my mom's death, received an RMD deposit from my mom's 403(b) after my mom passed. I called the company and they could not reverse the deposit, as the transfer was successful (account was still open because it became my sister's).

How do I make sure that my sister can claim that RMD deposit on her individual 2019 tax return (I understand that one or more beneficiaries have to take the decedent's final year RMD as ordinary income; I'm fine with her taking it as her ordinary income) instead of the estate, which incidentally has a much higher tax rate? The 403(b) had beneficiaries, so I understand that it shouldn't be anywhere associated with the estate.

Thanks for your kind guidance.


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