Sales "Use" tax -- insanity, difficulty of reporting

Mar 13, 2011
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I just noticed the use tax this year, though I now see it has been around some time. State of MN. I have tried figuring out what I owe (as an individual) but it has turned into such a nightmare I am about to just give up and ignore it. Thoughts? My god, if you look at the State of MN form UT-1 instructions, you have to have a degree in calculus to figure out penalties and interest if you want to figure it out for several years. So I printed out my orders from amazon and looked through those pages of printouts there are duplicates of many orders in the printouts, some of my purchases were gift for people out of state (e.g. gift certificates, books sent out of state to a niece, etc), some orders were returned but that does not show up in the orders printout. Unbelievable, how the fricken heck do states expect individuals to sort this out for use tax? They have to be kidding?

At this point I am throwing my hands up in the air and thinking if they want to audit me and spend their time sorting it out, well then go ahead, and then tell me what I owe. Because the MN use tax form already wants to charge me 20% penalties for past years, plus variables daily interest so hard to calculate you need a damn supercomputer. And they want individuals to volunteer to go through this nightmare? Unbelievable. And if I somehow just pick a number and pay the use tax, well that does not seem right because it would not be accurate, and in all likelihood I would be overpaying for reasons discussed.

I could use some feedback, I feeling frustrated. The state revenue dept. (MN) seems to want to use scare tactics of penalties and interest to force individuals to cough up use tax, but then they make it so fricken hard to even figure it out, seems to insane and unfair. What are my options if I decide to just ignore it like 99% of the rest of individuals? What does the future hold for use tax enforcement? Are states going after individuals?

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