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Jul 8, 2020
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I am a member of a small, volunteer Polish dance troupe, which is a nonprofit organization. We currently just use Excel for tracking our expenses and revenues. Come tax time, we can normally just file the 990 "postcard" and I hasn't been an issue. This year, however, since we had a large anniversary concert, we ended up having to fill out a 990-EZ, which became a major nightmare, due to simply using Excel to manage our accounts.

Can someone recommend some basic accounting software that can manage our expenses and revenues and has reports/categories/whatever to make filling out tax forms easier and more intuitive? We have no employees. Most of our revenue/expenses are related to either performances we do (travel expenses, costume purchases/repairs, hotel, payments for performances), fundraising events (eg. trivia nights, merchandise sales related to our mission, tips, etc....), and regular donations. Our primary needs is tracking finances, not event organization/donor management. We have many of the same annual events, so being able to categorize by event (as well as required tax form categories) is essential. I'm guessing that requires being able to associate/categorize items in multiple categories.

As a small nonprofit with very little revenue (especially after expenses), a one-time cost is preferable to a subscription service.

None of us are accountants and this is a 100% volunteer organization with about 50 members. When searching on line, the software options were quite daunting (just like filling out the 990-EZ, hehehe).

Thank you for your time in advance.


Brian L. RIgwald
Dolina Polish Folk Dancers


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