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Oct 2, 2017
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United States

I am currently using Oracle SmartView for Office in Excel (version and have an issue with member retention related to #3 below.

Here are the different ways I have used across several workbooks:

1. Hard code member selections. Advantage is quick input, disadvantage is toggling new combinations.
2. Format cell to a data validation list based on SmartViews function. Advantage is quickly moving between combinations. Disadvantage is adding or removing members to the list.
3. Create a data validation list on another tab, non SmartView function, but works the same. The SmartView combination is a formula such as ='Sheet1!'A1. Advantage is adding and removing members to the list is quicker, because I can hand key instead of going through SmartViews list, because the chart of accounts is lengthy. My data validation list has extra blanks in case I need to add more later. Disadvantage is some workbooks override the formula and hard coded the member and I lose the ability to toggle between other combinations on the input tab I have created. However, when starting from scratch, after refreshing the formula still exists.

Question: why am I losing the formula? Is there an option I need to change? All other formulas in the workbook are maintained except for the top row which contains the member combination. Since the member selections are on a separate tab and not a SmartView connection, the tab is not impacted.



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