UK sole trader abroad processing online payments in UK

Dec 4, 2016
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I posted this a while back but got no responses so I am trying again:

I left the UK 18 years ago and am not registered in the UK for tax purposes. I am starting an online business overseas (Asia) as a sole trader and will declare that locally for taxation purposes. However, it is very difficult for foreigners to get online payment status in the country where I am from banks or other payment gateways without a load of hassle, having to form a ltd co. 51% owned by a local etc, so I am going to uses a UK payment gateway which pays into my UK personal account from which ultimately I will repatriate to fund the business. My question is that if the goods are sourced, paid for, sold and dispatched outside of the UK to non-UK customers, am I in any way liable to the UK Revenue for the transaction' simply because the payment gateway and my persona bank account is in the UK?

Any informed input welcome, thanks!


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