USA The Customer:Job feature in Quickbooks

Jun 14, 2012
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I'm working in a grant-funded nonprofit again. In the past I set up classifications for funding sources by program by year, so that each individual grant had its own unique classification but with grouping under the funding sources, i.e. NC:DHHS:14, NC:DOA:15, NC:DPS:15, Chapel Hill:Legal:14, Chapel Hill-Education:15, etc. where the numbers are the fiscal years.

This new nonprofit has been using single level classifications (no subclasses) to denote 1 of 5 broad program areas (Crisis Intervention, Legal Assist, Civic Educ, Admin, Development, etc, while using Customer:Jobs to specify grant funding sources to track expenses. BTW, each Job/grant could conceivably fund activities in all 5 broad program areas.

I never knew that specifying a "job" for an expense would replace the vendor information, e.g., Staples or AT&T, with the name of the job, which for us is a grant. It's driving me nuts when I run a quick report (CTRL+q) to investigate a transaction. To see the original vendor I have to modify the quick report to show the "source name." Then there's the whole other issue of all "unassigned" expenses showing up under the vendor name when I run an expense report by Job. Can you imagine how many columns are in that report?This is crazy!

Anyone know how I can track broad program lines and individual grants without resorting to Jobs? Simply reversing the way we use classifications and jobs won't make the problem go away.

Ain't nonprofits fun?!!



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