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Dec 3, 2021
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United States
I am looking to hire an in house account that does a lot more than accounting. Am I being unreasonable? How much should I pay this person in the Panama City, FL area. Essentially I am looking for an account that can also act as a project manager/executive assistant and hopefully eventually be promoted to CEO for the umbrella of companies. I have found it impossible to hire a good accounting firm. They promise the world and deliver very little. We have tried a part time CFO and multiple local accountants. In short it has not been a good experience.
I have two businesses. I have 7 vapes shops with about 25 employees and a small car lot with 2 employees.
I have a 10 unit 100,000 sqr/ft industrial complex in the engineering stage and looking to add a 1500 sqr/ft building to car lot.
OK I could go on about future projects that I am planning to do in the next few years but the short of it is I would very much like the accountant to be in charge of getting a lot of these projects done.

The questing is this reasonable to ask of someone?
What should I expect to pay a person for this type of work?

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