UK Year End - ERS NI (bonuses and p11ds staff benefits)

Feb 11, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hello all
two quick queries if anybody can help, Please
ERS NI was 13.8%, then in April 22 went up to 15.05% , then in November 22 the government did a u turn and it went down to 13.8% and will remain so until told otherwise, i think ?

Based on financial year of 010422-310323

1. Come year end, for accruals , bonus which relate to 22/23 but wont be paid until May 23, I will just accrue those costs into my 22/23 accounts and use the current 13.8% ERS NI ?
2. I will also need to do an accrual for staff benefits received in 22/23 (solely healthcare provision) , and then also need to do a return to hmrc and make payment. For this I am unsure what ERS NI rate I should then apply to the costs ? 13.8% straightforward , or as the benefits were accrued throughout the year is it a combination of the two ?

Many thanks for any advice


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