UK ACCA suspended my membership without any warnings

Aug 28, 2019
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United Kingdom
I am a fully qualified ACCA member. I worked really hard for the membership and finally earned it in 2017.

I forgot to pay my 2019 membership and I take full responsibility for this but it was just a genuine mistake, which I regret every day. ACCA suspended my membership in April 2019 for non-payment and when it came to my knowledge than I immediately paid the fees. This was sorted within the grace period so I did not have to pay reinstatement fees or complete reinstatement form and I was assured at the time that it will be a continuous membership.

I worked really very hard in the last 2 years and completed all my PCTR forms and I was just about to send my application in for the practising certificate and the authorisation team has just told me that because my membership was suspended therefore I do not have 2 years post membership experience and the 2 years will start from when my membership was reinstated.

I now feel that my whole life has been turned upside down and surely my crime does not fit the punishment here.

Please note the following points.
  1. ACCA is saying that I have continuous membership for the purpose of fellowship but not for practising certificate.
  2. I never received any reminders, letters, messages or calls regarding the non-payment of the invoice.
  3. I never received any reminders, letters, messages or calls before I was suspended. My whole life revolved around ACCA membership, we all worked really hard for this. How can ACCA just suspend us as a member without giving any opportunity to rectify the problem? Your six years of effort down the drain just like that. I will understand if ACCA had sent me reminders and informed me before suspending it but suspension without any warnings should not be acceptable.
  4. I was never removed from the register so if I check the ACCA register now then it still shows my admission as 2017 rather than 2019.
I really need your help on this, please. I have left practice so it will be very difficult to complete my performance objectives again and wait two years. I am exhausted and I just can't go through all of this again.

Do I have any grounds to appeal against ACCA suspending me as a member on the basis that I never received any letters, emails, messages or calls?
Any help will be highly appreciated

Why do I not have continuous membership if register states otherwise and I never had to pay reinstatement fees or filled in any other additional forms



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Jan 6, 2013
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United Kingdom
Sorry to hear that. I think the best you can do is speak to them directly to get the clarification you need.

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