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Jul 1, 2017
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United Kingdom

i was looking to get some advice regarding a situation im in at work. I have completed my final acca exam and results come out on 14 Jan. Ive been working in practice for 3 yrs and 4 months after graduating. Ive had experience in financial accounts prep and payroll however my managers havent given me the opportunity to do audit which is vital for me to qualify. The first year i struggled with everything but i got better year by year. I am the only one among my colleagues to complete all my exams. However my colleagues have obtained far more experience than me in terms of audit etc this had made me feel disheartened about my future progression. I had spoken with my manager just before xmas break up and had asked for an update in regards to what audits are coming up in 2019 and whether i will be assigned to any. She responded saying that in January there will be one big audit for a client at a number of locations, but she seemed reluctant to allow me to go on it as she said that lt was an urgent one (im assuming she meant that there was no time for a senior to train me on this) and distance was an issue ( assumed that she was reluctant to allow another person to go because of the cost to the firm). I then asked if there will be any other audits i could possibly go on and she responded saying that she will let me know when one comes up. She didnt want to go into any details with me, i had the impression that the manager didnt believe i was capable of doing certain audits yet and that its just a matter of them carefully picking the ones they feel are right for me and i also believe that they havent assigned me on any yet due to firms focus on 'cost minimization'. So there is no definite idea of when i will be going on an audit.

I had my review with my manager in October 2018 and she mentioned how there will be many audits for me to go on in the new year, however i am dissapointed that they havent even planned to assign me on any upcoming ones.

It seems like i may just about be able to get on 1 audit in the next 3-6 months if im lucky. I did mention my concern regarding getting my letters as now i had finished my last exam and they had understood that however it hasent changed their views.

At this rate i dont think they will be signing off my PER any time soon, it may take another 12 months.

I would really appreciate your insight and guidance to this. I feel like im ready to leave, ive been there long enough, progression in slow and they focus on cost rather than personal development. I get paid peanuts for my position too.



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Jan 6, 2013
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United Kingdom
Moving jobs might be your best option if you feel staying there is holding back your progression.

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