Canada FP&A career path advice needed please

Jun 25, 2019
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Hi everyone,

I am hoping to get some career advice here. I ve been working as an FP&A professional for 7ish years ever since my MBA and CPA graudation. I am in charge of the total company's forecasting, budgeting and mostly revenue anlaysis process. My ultimate goal is to become the CFO or VP of Finance.

In many cases, I am feeling myself short of core accounting knowledge especially when talking to the Controller at the company. I have never done any hardcore accounting before. With FP&A looking things mostly at the GL level, I am mostly struggling with understanding the subledge and how things are moving between P&L and Balance Sheet. I believe that this hinders my chance of moving up the corporate ladder.

I am wondering if there is any person who had the similar challenges like me and how did you work up from FP&A to the CFO position. Any advice is appreciated.




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May 12, 2011
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United States
You identified a key weakness and now you need a plan to address that. You could, for example, ask the Controller to explain the processes you need to understand. The Controller must be aware of your weakness in this area already so you are not telling the Controller anything new. So either the Controller will help you or not.If not maybe a more junior accounting person can help. Prior to that request, you should consider taking accounting courses, so you will be prepared and not waste the Controller's time.

Once that issue is resolved, you are in a better position for promotion. Also, the best CFO's have a deep understanding of the industry so consider joining an industry group specific to your company.

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