USA Career Advice on NFP Accounting VS FP Accounting

Dec 3, 2017
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United States
I am going to graduate very soon and i never had to take a non profit accounting course. I've been looking and interviewing for jobs and recently I interviewed with a firm that strictly caters to the non profit industry. Its not an auditing position but all the staff there have to go to clients offices as a team and work there instead of having a desk at a permanent office. Now, is it the norm in the non profit accounting industry to travelling all the time?

What are pros and cons of working in the non profit accounting other than not having a permanent office?
Is it a good place to gain experience for a recent graduate?
If i end up getting the job, is it going to hurt my chances in the future to move to a for profit position?
Lastly I hear people saying nfp is boring, can you tell what they mean by that?

I would really appreciate your insights. Thanks in advance for your input.

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