Canada Accounting class in high school

Feb 10, 2023
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Hello community,

I am from France originally and I am doing my Dogwood diploma in British Columbia, Canada. In my new life in Canada, I would like to know better businesses.
I decided to learn accounting in a high school and I am so impressed about the degree of knowledge. Compare to France, we do not learn at that level, if I can give you an example, we learn only the first chapter or maybe the second chapter of the basics of accounting 101.

I am doing all the accounting cycle, we need to understand all transactions, doing the ledger, all the statement and the closing statement, the retained earning also doing it with company shares and dividends. I am impressed because I never thought I will learn this in a high school.

Here is my question: Other people in other coutries like USA, somewhere else in Canada etc.: Do you learn accounting also at this mastery level?

* For me, it's mastery level because I thought only true accountant could make statement etc. I think what I am learning is really hard, we need to know every movements and their impact during all the process. It's really tough.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

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