Please suggest cloud based accounting software for a staffing agency

May 20, 2023
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Hello Everyone,

I am an accountant looking for cloud-based software for the company I recently joined, but the manager said it should be economical.

Let me give you a little background:
1. we have 4 multiple entities (based in 4 different countries).
2. we are dealing in multi-currency but preparing our Financials in USD
3. we don't need payroll management
4. we are a medium-sized company but we are expanding our business and growing fast
5. accountant is working remotely from a different country
6. we have several ongoing projects
7. we need a provider that offers a mobile app as well
8. we need software that supports invoicing (customization of the invoice is a plus)
9. we need software that makes consolidation easy
10. Software should offer multiple user ids (at least 3)
11. good customer support
Dec 4, 2023
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Hi Sufyan

I found your post and decided to contribute to help you with your decision. Your answer is YES, there is certainly a cloud-based solution that is economical and offers multi-currency support while allowing you to configure your financials in USD or other currency.

Cadency Global platform offers automation solutions for invoicing, collections, payments, and reconciliation. You can integrate with your existing ERP to streamline your cash flow management.
  • It offers invoice customization with prewritten templates
  • It offers a branding solution (white label software)
  • Userfriendly software with seamless integration
  • Reliable customer support free product demo.
  • Consolidation of invoices is also an option.
  • It is economical with monthly subscriptions
To learn more about the software, visit the website and ask for a product demo from their team. If you have any more questions regarding accounting software or FinTech, I would love to help you. Wishing you the best of luck with your decisions!


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