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Apr 16, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi ,
I am not sure how to record this transaction:
If I have 80K per annum on sales not invoiced yet.It is March. In April an automatic invoice is issued for £5000 also in April we are told that the sales will change from 80K to 110K What do I do ion April's month end ?


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Sep 1, 2011
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Little bit confused.

I am assuming that you are doing monthly accounts. So, on 31st March you put through the journal: -

Dr Accrued Income (Debtors) £80K
Cr Sales £80K

You would then reverse this journal on 1st April.

Where I am confused is, are you saying that: -

  • Un invoiced sales has increased to £110K, whereby you would put through the same journal as above but substituting the figure £110K and then reversing it on 1st May; or
  • Total sales for the year are £110K made up of invoiced sales of £5K and un invoiced sales of £105K. I this is the case then you would put through the same journal as above but substitute the figure £105K and then reverse it on 1st May.

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