USA Reclass Revenue Accruals?

Oct 9, 2019
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United States
To accrue for an invoice that couldn't be sent to a customer yet, I made an entry in April and reversed the entry for the first of May. However another team member wasn't aware of the revenue accrual and entered the invoice in the end of April once the invoice information was ready, to the same GL accounts.

Question: Now in May, what should I do since the invoices were already recorded in the prior month? Below is an example of the accrual entry made. I am new to accounting so any help will be much appreciated.

April (Revenue Accrual)
Revenue Receivable $2 (D)
IT Income
$1 (C)
BD Income
$1 (C)

May (Reversed Accrual)
Revenue Receivable $2 (C)
IT Income $1 (D)
BD Income $1 (D)
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