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Mar 27, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi all.
I’m a sole trader using cash basis accounting and I take care of my own accounts and tax return. Usually it’s straight forward enough, but this year I’ve bought a workshop to run my business from and there are some purchases that I don’t really know where I stand. For my business it needs to be a warm environment so I’m having a wood burner fitted to heat the workshop- can I offset this purchase (and going forward the smokeless fuel and wood cost) against my profit?
The other things I’m unsure of are an internal security shutter, led lighting and a door chime so I can tell if a customer has entered the premises. I’ve also replaced 2 Velux windows like for like as the roof was leaking (I’m pretty sure I can offset this one).
Any help regarding where I stand regarding these purchases is much appreciated- thank you.


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