UK Audit Exams - ICAEW

Nov 22, 2011
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Hi All,

I am due to start a graduate audit scheme with a 'Big 4' firm in September 2012. Having done a placement with the same firm I'm not all to worried about the day to day projects and work I will be doing. What really worries me is the exams!

I've heard some horror stories about people failing in 2nd or even 3rd year and being kicked out of the firm. I'm petrified about failing at this level and effectively 'wasting' 2/3 years. For me the qualification is a way to broaden my horizons because I aim to move into financial advisory (consultancy) upon becoming qualified, and don't want to stay in Audit.

Basically I'm trying to guage exactly how hard these exams are, and even more specifically, the time frames involved for revision etc. so I can try and decide whether of not I'll be able to pass them.

Can anyone help???!!


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