UK Bank and Xero access to external investors

Mar 27, 2023
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United Kingdom
I am a finance assistant and I’ve been at my company for 4.5 months. We have a new management accountant due to start soon. Meaning I am currently doing everything finance related for the last 3 months including payroll.

We also have an external person who is supposed to be working on a budget system and forecast as we have requested a loan from our investors. This external person have very limited accounting knowledge so I cannot ask her for help even though she was brought in to help. But she is the person the investors trust right now but always have to come to me for information she needs.

One of my questions she asked today was that I need to give login details to Xero to 2 of the 6 investors and also bank access details.
Is this something we have to do and does investors need login details to our bank or can this work by sending them regular bank statements.

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