USA Bookkeeper here. Should I pursue an actuary path or an accounting/CPA Path?

Aug 29, 2013
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Hi everyone.

So I'm a bookkeeper right now and I'd like to further my career and just wanted some advice on what would be some good recommendations.

Background - have a Masters in Business, haven't been in grad school since 2008, undergraduate since 2005. I was pretty good with math and numbers while in school, but haven't really used it in years, so probably pretty rusty now. Also, I'm in Texas, if that matters.

First idea, start on the actuary path. Now, I have taken many math classes (Cal I-III, Linear Alegebra) but it has been almost ten years by this time, so I would probably need major review if I decide to take any of these tests. I am not sure what would be the best option for me to study since I haven't had math classes for a very long time. Would it be better for me to find a book or study guide and review? Or should I find some kind of adult or continuing education calculus class to audit/sit in at some local college? What would be your recommendations?

Second idea, getting a CPA. I've taken a couple of accounting classes for my business degree, and always done well it them, but haven't had nearly enough to sit for the CPA. If I wanted to do this option, I would probably might as well get a masters in accounting because of the classes I would need to take. In this option I'd obviously have to take classes and get a degree and sit in for the test, might cost more in the long term.

Third idea? Another option? I just want to see what other options are there for me. My current job is fine and I do like my company but there's not really any growth so that's why I am considering pursuing one of these paths.

Thanks for any tips and suggestions.


The Finance Writer

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Aug 23, 2013
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Plenty of growth opportunities that you desire are available with a CPA license. You might need some more accounting courses to meet the education requirements. However, in Texas, I think you can take those at a community college. Check with the state accounting board. You're intelligent enough to pass the CPA exam, but need to take a good prep course at CPA Exam Review, CPA Exam Courses and CPA Review Books - FFA.

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