UK Creating Groupon Goods invoices in Linnworks accuracy/rounding issues?

Jul 31, 2015
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United Kingdom
Would appreciate some advice on the following if anyone has experience in this area please..

Our company trades on Groupon - specifically the 'Goods' section, we receive orders through their CommerceInterface web portal and import these into our Linnworks (Desktop) Order Management System.

At regular intervals as a deal progresses Groupon issue a PO (Purchase Order) through this web portal. We then have to create a company invoice to match, upload this and 30 days later we receive payment into our bank account.

These invoices were previously created in SAGE 50 which was very time consuming for several reasons, a link between Linnworks and SAGE 50 was considered in the form of TradeBox which may have helped however this wasn't implemented in the end.

It was decided to create the Groupon Goods invoices in Linnworks. An invoice template was set up according to the 'Groupon Goods Global GmbH Vendor Invoice Guide' applicable for orders with a SOURCE of 'Direct' and particular SUBSOURCE.

This invoice is fully compliant with all of the rules in the invoice guide, to use it we manually create a new order and enter the items, figures and quantities. However the figures between the Groupon Goods PO and Linnworks Invoice must match within a penny.

Where quantities are low there isn't an issue but when invoices are larger they can be a few pence out - if submitted they would be rejected. I believe that the issue could be related to precision/rounding being different between Groupon CommerceInterface and Linnworks.

The way in which the figures work, is a deal price is agreed upon for example £5.20, there is a 4% returns allowance (£0.21) deducted from the deal price which gives the net price of £4.99. There is then VAT on the net price depending on the country the goods have been shipped to (e.g. UK is 20% VAT - £1.00).

I have tried changing some of the figures on the invoice from two decimal places (N2) to three or four decimal places (N3 / N4) however this just shows the extra decimal places and doesn't actually affect the rounding. I've tried the round expression to no avail and changing how VAT is calculated from deducting VAT from the gross figure to adding VAT to the net figure but again no luck.

Does anyone have any ideas how we might be able to get everything to match up properly, at least within a penny? This was possible with SAGE 50..


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Jan 6, 2013
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United Kingdom
I'm wondering.. is there a 'tolerance' setting somewhere that will allow you to set -x to +x of an amount that will let it through without rejecting it?

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