South Africa Creating multiple invoices at once with Sage Pastel My Business please help

Aug 26, 2014
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Hey all,

New to this forum but it looks great.

Having used Pastel My Business for a while I'm getting frustrated having to create and send off invoices individually.

Is there any way to create multiple invoices at once for clients who are going to be billed the same fee within Pastel My Business?

Alternatively is there any programme that can be linked to Pastel My Business to create multiple invoices at once?

Lastly, if there are no solutions to the above two questions, which programme would you recommend that can create multiple invoices at once rather than having to select individual clients and fill in their charge etc. each time?

Thank you for your responses legends. Have a great day :)
Jun 27, 2014
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United States
If you have an invoice and you want to send it to multiple customers, there is no need to create a separate invoice for each customer. Instead, create a single batch using the following procedure -
1. Go to Customers > Create Batch Invoices.
2. Select customers with/without creating a billing group and click next.
3. Enter the line items for the invoice. then click next.
4. Review the list of invoices and finally click create Invoices.

Hope, it'll help you!
Renuka Rana
CPA at Ace Cloud Hosting

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