UK Event management business question


Jan 17, 2018
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United Kingdom
I am thinking of registering a new company in the UK (Ltd., VAT payable). As I am not an accountant, could you please clarify my situation.

My company will have an agreement with 5 restaurants. My customer's employees can have a business meetings in these 5 restaurants.
They will not pay for the lunch during their business meetings. My company will pay bills directly to the restaurants on my customer behalf.

Then my company will charge my customer for all of the their employees business lunches within a month.


According to, I can not claim VAT back on the invoices from the
restaurants to my company (is my understanding correct?)

On the other hand, can my situation be qualified as a "event management" business and I could claim VAT back from the restaurant invoices?

If not, how do event management companies operate in similar cases?

Thank you!


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