UK Filing Micto-Entity Accounts

Nov 16, 2020
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United Kingdom
Hi there,

I am a director of a freehold property management company that was set up when the leaseholders (including myself) grouped together to buy the freehold our of our building. Last year (our first trading year) we had an accountant produce our end of year accounts which were filed with HMRC and Companies House. This year we were advised by HMRC that we do not need to file end of year accounts as we are a flat management company. Frustratingly Companies House still does require this therefore i am attempting to do this myself to save some money as all income is used to maintain the building.

So i am attempting to file micro-entity accounts with Companies House and have a query regarding fixed assets and creditors (falling due within one year). So according to the accounts we had produced last year, the accountant put in the cost of the freehold as the total fixed assets and then minus the same figure as our creditors. So what should i enter in these two boxes for this year (2nd year of trading)?

Everything else on the balance sheet i think i am fine with and understand, the above query has stumped me. All help is greatly appreciated.


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