Apr 8, 2012
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Hello this is my quick introduction. I am very pleased to be part of a community comprised of like minded individuals discussing accounting. Soon I hope to talk and become friends with many of the members already here. Here's a little information about me:

Birthplace: U.S.
Education: Bachelors Business Management
Languages: English

I am currently seeking a Masters degree in Accountancy. The program should take 1.5 years to complete.

I would like to entertain the thought of practicing accounting in another country. I am aware there are many differences in GAAP and IFRS. As I would like to keep this option open, I want to direct my courses of study to areas that I can apply to international accounting. What opportunities will I have upon graduation? Which countries offer citizenship for accountants or which countries have a high demand for english speaking accountants? I would also like to learn a foreign language and would like for it to be useful in my career.

I am very appreciative of any help from members of this forum. Thank you.


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Oct 12, 2011
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United States
I currently work in international accounting and deal with both IFRS, GAAP and local regulatory accounting. This is a very large field and should have many available opportunities for you. I can tell you IFRS is not that different from US GAAP as the 2 bodies are trying to converge and minimize differences. You dont need to be a citizen of the foreign country but if working internationally you generally work as an ex-patriate. Also, in Asia and South America where I focus there is a high demand fro US accountants as the local knowledge is generally not as strong. Likely not the case in more developed nations so it all depends where you want to work. Also, IFRS is not really an international standard as most countries adopt IFRS but modify it suit their individual needs.

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