USA Help with choosing a cognate for MSA

Sep 28, 2020
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United States
Hello all,

I will be starting the MS in accounting program in January. I will receive my bachelor's degree in December for interdisciplinary studies: focus in Accounting. This will be my second career. I am currently a Certified Veterinary Nurse Anesthetist, accounting will be a new experience for me. My school has Cognate specialties for the masters in accounting. They register you in general classes then you can choose your cognate which offers 9 credits (3 classes) of specialized courses. The cognate shows on your diploma.

I am interested in doing the MSA with auditing and financial reporting specialty. How much does the specialty part matter when you're looking for a job? Like if I want to work somewhere that requires an MSA but it's more focused on internal business would they care about the cognate or would they put more focus on my MSA and the core courses I've taken. I also plan to study for the CPA exam. Is there a certain focus in accounting that will prep you better for the CPA?


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