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Feb 5, 2023
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United Kingdom
Hello everyone

I have a few questions regarding invoicing and would really appreciate some help

I had some construction work completed on my property

The builder insisted on some being paid in cash and the rest via bank transfer. I have records for both

The payment application schedules show a total amount which has always been paid and also shows a contractors ‘discount’ which was the cash he requested

Each payment schedule shows VAT at 5%

I asked for invoices and receipts for all payments but he was reluctant to provide these and has to date only sent incomplete invoices addressed to someone else’s name but for my property showing the same overall total (do the amount I have paid him) re bank transfers only but this time showing a different actual cost for the service and goods which when added to the 20% VAT now shown on the invoice provides the same total

This doesn’t look right to me and as we are now in civil dispute he has claimed he is owed the difference in VAT shown on the payment schedule as opposed to the invoice. Again this doesn’t look or feel right.

Equally I still haven’t had an invoice for any cash payments or receipts for any payments regardless of bank transfer amounts and or cash
Finally I was hoping to be able to offset some of these bills via my own business which isn’t yet VAT registered but I am going to make this application to ensure it is. Part of the build included the creation of my office space. How long after payment (paid from my personal) account would I have to be able to make any application for any allowable tax benefit if indeed I can?

Any help on the above would be much appreciated as I am not very clear on these things but it does feel like the builder is not paying his own tax (VAT) and that I am being effectively double charged with his latest claim re VAT owing.

Thanks in advance

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