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Nov 12, 2018
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Hello, first off I apologize if this post is in the wrong section or is not the purpose of this forum, but I would really appreciate some help.

I currently work as a tax accountant in Melbourne Aus, and will be moving interstate in 2-3 months for family reasons. Obviously, unless there is any chance of working for my current employer remotely, this will mean having to get a job in the new area.

I'm dealing with a real lack of confidence that I will be able to secure a job in the same line of tax work, let alone one that pays as well as the one I currently have. There are many firms and potentially jobs available, I'm just not sure how confident I can be given my current level of skill and experience.

Some background: Fresh out of finishing my qualifications when i was 20, I spent more than a year trying to get that first job to be able to get real work experience and grow as a professional tax accountant. That was really stressful, and the longer it went on the more my confidence in myself deteriorated. 5-6 years on, I now have about 5 years' experience in tax & financial accounting working at a small but successful firm. During the time i've been there, I've become quite adept at handling the tax affairs of any entity type, dealing with the tax office, building strong relationships with my clients and meeting all my benchmarks. I'm generally recognised by my employer and colleagues as very competant, energised and well seasoned in all things tax.

I have many more things to learn in particularly specialty areas like CGT and SMSF, but I do feel quite accomplished in my work, and I feel I am quite good at what I do. I am one property law unit away from being able to apply for a tax agent's license.
I feel I present myself and communicate well.

However, when it comes to the reality of having to search for another job, that confidence quickly erodes. I wonder if it is reasonable for me to think "It'll be fine, becuse I'm good at my job", when I know there are other accountants with far more experience and potential employers may not be interested in my services. It's just a part of work life that I feel I haven't had much luck with in the past.

Obviously, I'm not the same kid who just graduated and had no real experience. I'm in a relatively stronger position to land a job, but how strong?

I appreciate that this is not a psychology forum, but any tips or comments to help me think more realistically about my current position would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance.


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