USA Looking for alternate bookeeping methods to QBooks etc

Jan 12, 2023
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United States
I am volunteer treasurer at a small housing co-op in Florida. When I tookover I got us on Quickbooks online. I used it alot in a company owned up until 2015 with few problems but it had changed so much by 2021 - wow, lots of problems, gave up even doing invoices (we dont send them but I thought I would just create them so I could do receivables reports. And I had QB consultants helping. Anyway I am resigned and this is an over 55 community and I am doubtful I can pass QB on to the next person - really depends on who they are. I have gotten it down to some basic ways of doing things but still have trouble reconciling now and then.
I am interested in other ways for someone to do the books - the previous woman was hand copying the entire bank account onto paper so she could categorize everything for the accountant. And using excel to track payments from owners. And making tons of copies of receipts and color coding them for some reason and taking them to the accountant. No way.

Any thoughts are welcome. And I need to find another accountant and will ask them about alternate ways of doing the books. Thanks

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