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Dear Accountant Forum.

I have an ethical dilemma : I just started working on an assignment of an Accountancy agency. Working as accountant in one of its customers' office, I came across a bill of a car lease. Instead of the company name, the bill shows the name of the daughter of one of the owners. Searching for previous bills posted in Quick Books for the vendor bills, I saw they were paid through checks created in the main business account, as if the car belonged to the company or it were used for business purposes.

I double-checked with my supervisor, just in case it was a mistake made by the previous accountant, but she told me it has to be posted just as the previous bills payments.

When I made a commentary with a partner sent by the same agency to work together with me as a team for 3 months, she told me that all business owners do it, at least all the ones she worked for before.

This has never happened to me before. I ask the forum for advise because I know it is not correct, even though I do not want the owners make a complaint to the agency, which could end on an early ending of the assignment.




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May 12, 2011
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Hi Hugo

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