Please help me calculating my lose in this loan

Jun 19, 2015
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An employee in the bank persuaded me to take a loan = 2 million rupees , pay it in 5 years. The total amount of the debt at the end of the 5 years will be 2 millions and 915,30 rupees.

He told me to invest the loan in the bank by making a certificate with interest 14.75% for one year then renew it. I calculated it IF it was same rate for 5 years= 1474,980 rupees.

I'm thinking if I had invested the money I suppose will pay for the loan (by making certificates), I would have made more profit than taking the loan. I would have made more profit which I calculated = 749,375
So my total loss is 190,000 according to my calculations.

Would you please help me calculating the whole thing because I'm not sure if my calculations are correct. Did he fool me and I will lose not gain as he claimed?
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